Rules of Survival Hack – Working for your PC, Android & IOS devices 2018

Rules of survival hack

Rules of survival is a solo, strong combat, winner takes all Smartphone game. It was first launched in 2017 November and has grown in reputation since. The games speaks to the adventure seekers in the gaming globe, and those who love to take on massive crowds to claim a single victor at the end of a war.  Users will find themselves fighting to the death and using a big range of amazing and strong weapons. The game is free to begin with gameplay, but you can buy elements along the way to support strengthen your gameplay.


This game is truly amazing because it allows up to one hundred and twenty players from all over the globe to play together. Perhaps your winning technique will be to hide and let every person else do the hard work for you. Or maybe you are going to get your hands dirty and make sure your place at the top of the survival list. This is a “last man standing” type of game. You will find that the gameplay moves very fast and you are not sure if you ongoing or coming at times throughout the war rounds.

You can pick to take on the masses alone, you can get a group together of up to four players to take on the other one hundred and sixty people who are in the game. Remember that working with a group of people can support you win overall, but at the finish of the day, even your “teammates” need to be taken out to safe your victory.

Rules of survival is a “war royal”¬† style game. This means that you need to stay in specific places to maintain optimal fitness. The game is also an enemy of sorts because it will deal out damage to players who stray too far away from the action. Finally, you are going to have to get in on the effort to stay alive, and confidently win the round.

How to use the rules of survival hack

  • Go to the generate page
  • Add your username and pick your OS
  • Add how many resources you want
  • Produce the resources
  • Confirm that you are not a robot

You basically have to finish a fast offer, and then we know that you are not robot. So far bots have not been capable to complete these as the offers are dynamics. We expect that it stays that way, but if you have other advises on how we can keep bots away, then feel free to drop us a message. Much appreciated! After completing the human verification, go back to your account and see your generated resources. Don’t for get to share with your friends our rules of survival hack.

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